5 Essential Packing Tips for Long-Term Travel

Packing Tips

Long-term travel is an exciting adventure and part of the thrill is the unknown journey ahead. This can lead to the desire to bring everything you could possibly need. Anyone else build “what if” scenarios in their heads? In reality, though, you will need to pack a bit smarter than that. I am going to […]

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Best Things to Do in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

A city that spans two continents, is home to 14 million people, and is an international hub— the grandness of Istanbul will leave you in awe. Istanbul is as much modern as it is traditional, with a brand-new bridge, underwater train (Marmaray), and luxurious skyscrapers and shopping centers, juxtaposed next to mosques that are hundreds […]

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Complete Travel Guide to Rize, Turkey

Pokut Rize Turkey

In this complete travel guide to Rize, Turkey, you will not only find resources for things to do in Rize, but also resources for understanding the local culture including geography, music, language, fashion and cuisine. The Black Sea is a land of its own and there is so much to learn and see about this […]

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Travel Guide to Trabzon, Turkey

Uzungol Trabzon Turkey

The Black Sea region in Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful coastline and mountains in the country. It is in the Black Sea region that the classic Turkish dish pide and dessert sütlaç originated. Along this coastline is the city of Trabzon, which also spans deep into the mountains. This article will serve […]

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Best Places To Stay in Akyaka, Turkey

Elif Hanim Hotel and Spa restaurant

Find out the best places to stay while exploring the quaint beach city Akyaka in southwestern Turkey. It’s impossible not to love its small downtown and walkways.

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