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Best Places To Stay in Akyaka, Turkey

After having visited five times, staying in different hotels in Akyaka almost every time, I am happy to say I’ve continuously experienced great hospitality. Akyaka is starting to feel like a home away from home. Akyaka is a place full of wonderful memories shared with family and close friends. We’ve come as a married couple, with my mom, with my husband’s family and with friends.In this article, I share about the best places to stay in Akyaka by sharing my general experience in four different hotels.

I will also mention hotels in Akyaka that I am interested in staying at on our future trips. This is not a sponsored post, I don’t have any agreement with any of these hotels. I simply want to share how I enjoyed each of them! Photos are taken by me unless otherwise specified.

Azmac Apart Hotel
Azmac Apart Hotel Akyaka Turkey
The Azmac Apart Hotel in Akyaka, Turkey. The first hotel we ever stayed at in Akyaka.

This small apartment hotel sits right on the Azmac River and was the place we stayed at on our first visit to Akyaka in May 2017. It was not very special compared to the other places we’ve stayed in Akyaka, but it was certainly clean and had all the essentials. The hotel owners were very friendly and attentive.

This location is great and there is no need for a car to get around. You can walk to all of the restaurants and the harbor from here. It is the cheapest place on the list, and we paid about 120 TL per night. In 2017, this was equal to 40 USD. This is a great spot if you’re just looking for something affordable and within walking distance of the city center.

Kerme Ottoman Gokova Boutique Hotel
gokova Kerme Ottoman Hotel
Photo Taken from http://www.kermeottoman.com.tr

Gokova is a small village just outside Akyaka. For a more affordable, yet slightly luxurious option, the Kerme Ottoman Hotel in Gökova is a great choice. This is not to be confused with the Kerme Ottoman Hotel in Akyaka. It was about 250 TL per night, which was about 72 USD in May 2018. You will need to have access to a vehicle if you stay outside the city center of Akyaka.

This hotel has breakfast included, a swimming pool, a small kitchen in the rooms, and hammocks! It was so quaint and lovely, with various tables spread out in their garden where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning or tea in the evening. You can get a better sense of what a Turkish village is like in Gokova, so if you are a culture lover and want to get away from the tourism in Akyaka, this could be a great option. You will need a car, because it is not close enough to Akyaka to walk, but only about a ten-minute drive.

Turkey Travel Tip: Call hotels directly and try booking that way instead of using a booking website, you may be able to get your room for a lower price than the booking site offers. Bartering is a big part of Turkish culture. We’ve booked many of our hotels in Turkey by calling the hotel directly and have saved up to 80 TL per night!
Holifera Boutique Hotel
Photo Taken from https://www.holiferahotel.com

Holifera Boutique Hotel is a wonderful place and it is family-owned by a friend of a friend. Their service is great and they are located right in the city center of Akyaka, so it is within walking distance to everything. It is not on the Azmac River like some of the others, but it is about 3 minutes walking distance from the harbor and public beach in Akyaka.

They have a swimming pool exclusive to their guests and breakfast is included. It was excellent! Their price is about 389 TL per night, which at that time was about 110 USD. This is a pricier place to stay, but it feels much more private since it is a small boutique hotel.

Elif Hanim Hotel & Spa
Elif Hanim Hotel Spa
The entrance to Elif Hanim Hotel & Spa
Elif Hanim Hotel and Spa
Hotel Room Balconies by the pool

This is, in my opinion, the best place to stay in Akyaka. Since we came as a group, we were able to negotiate a lower price of about 220 TL per night, but their standard price is closer to 300 TL, which is about 50 USD at the current rate (September 2018). The hotel offers many amenities. It has a swimming pool and a lovely restaurant by the river. Breakfast is included and comes with delicious croissants!

There are spa services available as well, but we didn’t have the time to utilize them. They even brought my husband a free newspaper each morning. They seem to care about going the extra mile to make their guests feel comfortable and catered to. Elif Hanim Hotel is located right next to the Azmac River and is within walking distance of everything in Akyaka.

Elif Hanim Hotel and Spa breakfast
Breakfast at Elif Hanim Hotel, you can see that I couldn’t wait to eat the croissant before taking this picture…


Elif Hanim Hotels Akyaka
Our room at Elif Hanim Hotels
Elif Hanim Hotel and Spa restaurant
View of the restaurant at Elif Hanim Hotel & Spa


Places I want to stay in the future while visiting Akyaka

Iskelem Otel
Iskele Otel
Photo taken from https://www.iskelemotel.com.tr
iskele 2
Photo Taken from https://www.iskelemotel.com.tr

I have shared about the Iskele Beach in my other post about Akyaka, Akyaka: The Hidden Gem of Turkey, and how much me and my husband love that quaint spot! There are a few small boutique hotels along this beach made up of small piers, but want to stay at the Iskele Otel next. You will need a car or taxi from Akyaka City Center to get here, since it is a bit off the beaten path. Hopefully this will be where we stay the next time we come as a couple!

Kerme Ottoman Palace Boutique Hotel, Akyaka
kerme ottoman 2.jpg
Photo Taken from http://www.kermeottoman.com.tr
kerme ottoman akyaka
Photo Taken from http://www.kermeottoman.com.tr

I also mentioned this hotel when I mentioned that I stayed at their sister location in Gokova. Kerme Ottoman Palace hotel in Akyaka is probably on par with Elif Hanim in terms of service and luxury, just by an outward glance. It is also located right on the Azmac River and within walking distance to the city center and harbor in Akyaka. We were really happy with our stay at their sister hotel in Gokova, so we expect we would really enjoy trying this hotel in the future, as well!

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