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Travel Guide to Trabzon, Turkey

The Black Sea region in Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful coastline and mountains in the country. It is in the Black Sea region that the classic Turkish dish pide and dessert sütlaç originated. Along this coastline is the city of Trabzon, which also spans deep into the mountains. This article will serve as your ultimate travel guide to Trabzon, Turkey, covering topics such as:

  • Culture & Geography
  • Transportation
  • Seasons/Weather (i.e. Best time to visit)
  • Things to Do in Trabzon
  • Brief Review of our Hotel
  • Specialty Foods & Desserts

Traveling to Trabzon

Travel Guide to Trabzon: Culture and Geography

Trabzon is located in northeastern Turkey along the Black Sea. Black Sea in Turkish means Karadeniz, and Trabzon really has its own culture. The Turks from this region have their own accent, dress and lifestyle. Across the sea from Trabzon are the countries Georgia and Russia.

The culture in the Black Sea region is a conservative one. Turkey is over 99% Muslim and most of the women are covered. Trabzon has seen a rise in Arab tourists lately, so it is common to see women wearing a black burqa with only their eyes or face exposed. However, I did see one lady at the airport wearing flip-flop shoes with her burqa! The Turkish women in Trabzon are covered with a hijab, or a head scarf, but still dress with a variety of color and style. I find the varying degrees of Islamic fashion pretty intriguing.

Travel Guide to Trabzon

Travel Guide to Trabzon: Transportation in Trabzon

Transportation in Trabzon is relatively easy, as long as you have access to your own vehicle. Flying into Trabzon’s airport, known in Turkish as the Trabzon Havalimanı, is a sight to behold. The runway is parallel to the Black Sea, so you get an amazing view of the city and the sea as you arrive. If you are already in Turkey, you could consider driving but if you are coming from abroad, flying in is the way to go. You will road-trip plenty once you arrive, since most of the activities are very spread out from each other!

The airport is located right next to the sea, but most of the things to do in Trabzon are located about 30 kilometers inland. The best option for transportation in Trabzon is to rent a car from the airport. As a foreigner, you can utilize websites like or to book in advance. You can also go directly to the counters at the airport and rent a car, but you may not find as great of a deal.

Travel in Trabzon Sumela Monastery

Travel Guide to Trabzon: Seasons/Weather in Trabzon

The weather in Trabzon varies as the seasons change. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall to avoid the summertime humidity and wintertime cold. Realistically, to be able to see and do everything fully, any season other than winter is a good option. It just depends on your preference for temperature and weather conditions.

  • Summer (June-August) is humid and warm with temperatures around 26°C. You can definitely explore outdoors during this season.
  • Fall (September-November) sees a lot more rain and the temperature ranges from 10-20°C. Depending on rainfall, some activities might be less accessible, but it is still a beautiful time of year to go. We went in early October for our anniversary and were very happy with our trip.
  • Winter (December-February) are cold and wet with a good amount of snowfall. The snow may make some of the roads more difficult to drive on, but it will look like a winter wonderland. Temperatures can drop below 0°C, but average around 5°C during the day.
  • Spring (March-May) This season fluctuates a bit as winter transitions to summer but you can expect temperatures of 14-19°C and the most clear days.

So, When is the Best Time to Go to Trabzon?

Verdict: For good weather conditions and freedom to explore all that Trabzon has to offer, May is the best month to visit Trabzon.

Sumela Monastery Trabzon

Travel Guide to Trabzon: Things To Do in Trabzon

Hagia Sophia Mosque

Visit the Hagia Sophia in Trabzon

Visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the quickest and best things you can do in Trabzon, because it is an amazing piece of history and has an incredible view. It is easy to get to and doesn’t take more than thirty minutes to explore. The Hagia Sophia Mosque (Camii) is west from the airport and located next to the Black Sea. It was initially built as a church in the 13thcentury but once the Ottoman Empire was established in the region, this structure was converted into a mosque. It is still open as a mosque today.

Hagia Sophia Mosque Trabzon

Like many Byzantine structures, it has a high dome in the center and is shaped like a cross if you looked at it aerially. There are many frescoes still visible on the ceiling of the Hagia Sophia Mosque depicting stories from the bible. In order to enter the mosque, out of respect, women should cover their hair using one of the complimentary scarves found for guests at the entrance.

There is a small garden behind the mosque which has an incredible panoramic view of the Black Sea. It is a peaceful place to sit and walk around, with a café located nearby to enjoy a glass of Turkish tea.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery Trabzon

You cannot have a list of things to do in Trabzon without including Sumela Monastery. Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox Monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is one of the most iconic tourist attractions of the region. Sumela Monastery is located in the Macka district of Trabzon and is about an hour drive from the airport. The drive is lovely as you watch lush green mountain after mountain, eventually seeing rivers and streams as you get closer to Macka.

Sumela Monastery Church Trabzon

The day we went to see the monastery was a very misty and cloudy one. We got to the entrance of the national park, which has an 11 TL entrance fee, and made it up the mountain to the entrance of the monastery. There was so much mist that it was not visible! We were a bit bummed, as this was our only opportunity on our trip to see the monastery, but we still enjoyed the national park and thought the mist was cool to see as it sat on top of the mountains. Instead of exploring the monastery, we explored this really old church that was well preserved.

Old Churches in Turkey

There are so many churches spread out around the Anatolian region that come from the times when Christianity first began. Many of these cities are mentioned in the bible. As a Christian, it is really special to me to see some of these places that the first believers lived and worshiped. I often wonder what kind of life they had and if they were joyful despite all of the persecution they saw.

Explore Sumela Monastery Trabzon

Sumela Resting Facility

There is a rest facility and bungalows within the national park at the foot of the mountain where the monastery is located, so there is the option to stay overnight. There is a photo studio that will take your picture in traditional Ottoman garments. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and for 20 Turkish Liras purchased this photograph.

Ottoman Clothing Turkey

Sumela Monastery Resting Facility Trabzon
The Resting Facility near Sumela Monastery, where you can enjoy some Turkish black tea.

If you come anytime between May-September, it is likely the monastery will be visible. Since we came in October, there was a good amount of rainfall already and the precipitation was very high. We are excited to return again one day to see Sumela Monastery on a clearer, sunnier day!

Ataturk Köşkü (Ataturk’s Pavilion)

The Ataturk Köşkü, also known as the Ataturk Pavilion, is probably one of the most beautiful museums in Trabzon. We did not have enough time to visit this location, but if we had more time this was next on our list. I want to add it to the list of things to do in Trabzon, because it is a beautiful structure and for a time belonged to the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

This mansion was gifted to Ataturk from the Trabzon Municipality in 1930, but then he donated it back to the Trabzon municipality seven years later, stating no man needed to have so many houses. After his death, it was opened as a museum and is still open to the public today. There are many pictures and belongings of Ataturk still there for tourists to observe. The building is reminiscent of French chateaus and has a beautiful garden around the premises.


azgezmis blog hamsikoy
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Hamsiköy is a small village located in the Maçka district. It has beautiful scenery and is home to the traditional Turkish dessert sütlaç. You will really experience what life in a Turkish village looks like when you visit. Sütlaç is like a rice pudding that is often served with cinnamon or crushed hazelnuts on top. Do you know the Mexican dessert arroz con leche? It is essentially the same thing, so delicious.

Where can you eat this delicious sütlaç in Hamsiköy? At Osman Usta’nın Yeri, who has been in business since 1972. The secret to this delicious sütlaç is to cook it slowly for a long time. It is made from organic, fatty cow milk. Sadly, we did not make it to Hamsikoy, either, but we read such great things about it that we wanted to include it in our travel guide to Trabzon.


Uzungol in Trabzon Turkey

Uzungöl rivals Sumela Monastery, as far as best things to do in Trabzon goes. The word Uzungöl means “long lake” in Turkish. it truly is a long beautiful lake wedged between tall mountains. It is about 1 kilometer long, with a circumference of about 7 kilometers.

Driving to Uzungöl

This is not located near the other places on the list of things to do in Trabzon. It is about an hour and a half drive, or 100 kilometers, from Trabzon’s city center. It is located in the Çaykara district. The drive to Uzungöl is beautiful, which makes this adventure the perfect road trip! We spent a lot of time in the car, but we weren’t mad about it. We couldn’t get over the lush green mountains and rivers everywhere. After coming from our city of 5 million people, it was refreshing in several ways.

Uzungol in Trabzon Turkey

Arab Tourists in Uzungöl

We arrived at night, so we couldn’t see much of the lake, but it was an incredible view to wake up to in the morning. Just like the city center in Trabzon, Uzungöl has many Arab tourists. This is good to be aware of before arriving if you aren’t used to being in the Middle East. Many don’t think of Turkey as the Middle East despite it’s largely Muslim population. However, Arab culture and Turkish culture are very different. A majority of the Arab women dress very modestly, so it is good to be appropriately covered. Their cultural norms are quite different than westerners, so behaving respectfully is important, as well.

Uzungol Trabzon Turkey

There are many things to do that revolve around the lake. Firstly, you can enjoy a walk around the lake. If you don’t prefer to walk, you can also rent bikes and bike around the lake. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants spread out around the lake which you can sit at to enjoy some coffee or tea. There is also paddle-boarding on the lake which would be a fun activity as a group or couple!

Sofra Restaurant in Uzungöl

We ate at a restaurant called Sofra, which had really good food. We ate sütlaç there first and I really liked it. However, they were unclear about how they were going to charge us for the appetizers. We thought we were ordering a small menu of appetizers for 15 Turkish Liras. They ended up charging us for each appetizer individually, which cost 45 TL. We were too tired at that point to argue, so we just paid. What was an otherwise lovely evening and meal was somewhat ruined by that. I still liked their food, though!

Uzungol Trabzon Turkey

Hotels in Trabzon

Ilhan Kardesler Apart Otel

Ilhan Kardesler Apart Otel Trabzon Turkey

Any good travel guide to Trabzon has to include at least one hotel recommendation! This small hotel in Uzungöl, Trabzon is located just behind the mosque, which you see upon arriving to Uzungöl. It is quaint, the service is excellent, and the view of the lake from our balcony was lovely. We had a small kitchenette in our room, which was nice. The hotel was clean and had a modern interior design. The bed was very comfortable, which is so important! In the morning, we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast. Complimentary meals are always a great way to save on your food budget while travelling. We usually stay at hotels where breakfast is included.

Ilhan Kardesler Apart Otel

Travel Guide to Trabzon: Specialty Foods & Desserts


Sutlac in Trabzon

We mentioned this delicious Turkish dessert already, as it popularly originated from the area Hamsiköy. Sütlaç is a baked rice pudding made mostly from cow’s milk, sugar, and cream, with just a few additional ingredients. This is a dessert you must try when you visit. You can find it anywhere in the Black Sea region.


pide in karadeniz turkey

Pide is a traditional Turkish food that originates from the black sea region. The pide dough is hand-made, topped with butter, cheese and any variety of ingredients you want. I often just prefer cheese, while my husband enjoys ground beef, cheese, egg and onions on top of his. In the Black Sea region, they really loaded on the butter!

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Travel Guide to Trabzon Turkey


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