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Wine Tasting in Sutter Creek, CA

Sutter Creek is located in Amador county just a few miles from Jackson, CA. It is a quaint town nestled in the rolling hills of northeast California, also known as wine country. Downtown Sutter Creek has all the charm of your favorite small town and top-notch wine, food and boutique shopping to keep you occupied all day or weekend long. People come from all over the area to go wine tasting in Sutter Creek and after trying out a few, I can completely understand why!

Wine Tasting Sutter Creek CA

You can reach Sutter Creek by using the 88-E if you are coming from the southwestern part of California, which is most people. It is about 130 miles northeast from San Francisco, CA (about a 2-hour drive). 

We started our day off with some food so we wouldn’t be tasting on an empty stomach. We walked all up and down Main Street to see what was there. There were some really great looking restaurants, like Element right next to Yorba Wine Tasting and Gold Dust Pizza. We opted for Cavana’s Pub & Grub.

Cavanas Pub Sutter Creek CA

My mom and I both got burgers and beer on tap. They have an assortment of locally crafted beers and we were each happy with our choices! I got something with the word blonde in it and my mom got the Modern Times Harvey IPA. Our burgers were monstrous so we couldn’t finish them, but they were delicious and the French fries were excellent as well.

Uphill Vineyards

Our first stop on our wine tasting tour in Sutter Creek was Uphill Vineyards. This little shop is family owned and unique to Sutter Creek. Their vineyard is located in nearby Fiddletown, CA and since they are on a slightly higher elevation than other vineyards, they are able to produce an incredible cabernet sauvignon. Most other wineries in the area do not offer this wine.

Uphill Vineyards Sutter Creek CA

They consider themselves a micro-producer of fine red wines that are typically meant to be enjoyed with food. However, my mom and I enjoyed them without food just fine! The owners were pouring wine in the tasting room, a kind retired couple who broke into the business in early 2001. The man is from New York and said he enjoys life in Sutter Creek, CA much more. 

Their featured wines were Tnt, Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo. They also offer a muscat dessert wine, which was my first dessert wine and I loved it! The tasting fee is $5.00, but it is waived if you purchase a bottle. My mom purchased a bottle of Primitivo and he kindly waived both of our fees! I give Uphill Vineyards a 10/10.

Uphill Vineyards Sutter Creek

Uphill Vineyards Tasting Room is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 pm or by appointment. You can visit their website at

Bella Grace Wine Tasting

Our second stop while wine tasting in Sutter Creek was Bella Grace Wine Tasting. It is a lovely location nestled under the trees right on Main Street. This place is a little different than the rest, because they also have an olive oil tasting room! I love artisan olive oils and I ended up purchasing a basil olive oil that I used on my pesto pasta at home that night. 

Bella Grace Wine Tasting

Bella Grace had a wide selection of white and red wines, all very delicious. The prices are a bit high but worth it. My mom and I split a bottle of red and they also waived our $5.00 tasting fee. If you are having a hard time choosing between a few wines, you can ask for another taste. They do not mind. You should only do this if you intend to purchase, though.

Bella Grace Wine Tasting Sutter Creek

Bella Grace Wine Tasting is open daily from 11-5 pm, and on Fridays they stay open until 9 pm. This is pretty amazing, since everything closed at 5 pm when we were there, except for restaurants. They have another wine tasting location at their vineyard in Plymouth, CA.  You can visit their website for more information at

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Feist Wines

Our last stop on our wine tasting adventure in Sutter Creek was Feist Wines. My mom had heard many great things about them, so we were excited to check them out. Their tasting room is located just off of Main St. on Eureka Street, and it is in an old western saloon! The bartender was a local guy who grew up in Sutter Creek his whole life and was very kind. He played music from an authentic record player. How cool is that?

Feist Wines Sutter Creek CA

Feist holds live music and usually those playing on the record are bands who have played there in real life! On Friday nights, Feist Wines also serves Wood Fired Pizza after 6 pm. This place had a warm and inviting atmosphere. The wine was also delicious, but since we already bought two bottles we opted to just pay the tasting fee, which was $5.00 per person. They also have a hotel feature and prix fixedinners, which means fixed price per person for a multiple course meal. If you also enjoy artisan cheese and charcuterie, you will love Feist Wines while wine tasting in Sutter Creek.

You can visit their website for more information at

Feist Wines Sutter Creek

This sums up our adventure wine tasting in Sutter Creek! We were able to hit about 3 places in 2.5 hours and, frankly, I was feeling tipsy by the end. Each place offered tastings for 5 wines, which really adds up! 

I definitely intend to return to Sutter Creek, CA and continue wine tasting, as there are 7 more locations to try on and around Main Street! I’ll update this article as I go and try more. Things to do in Sutter Creek don’t end with wine tasting, as there are also boutiques, restaurants, hotels, antique stores and art galleries. This is certainly worth a visit if you are looking for a day or weekend trip in the NorCal area! 

Sutter Creek CA Shopping

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Wine Tasting Sutter Creek
Wine Tasting Sutter Creek

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